From City Life to Organic Farming

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  1. Rekha says:

    That’s really fascinating. Look forward to visit your place sometime.

  2. Chandu Reghu says:

    Wonderful story. Really great effort by Stalin Ramesh. He’s my cousin and I know his dedication and passion for work. The level of commitment he has put into this project is amazing. It takes guts for a professional photographer from Chennai city to start organic farming in a village from scratch. Trust me, it wouldn’t have been if it’s not true passion. I wish him all the very best and hopefully I would visit his farm during my next vacation. Cheers.

  3. Niveditha says:

    Great !!! Wish you all the best. Hope soon your friend send out a success story of your organic farm.

  4. Nandakrishnan says:

    Hi Ramesh…. it is awesome to read your transformation from professional photographer to org farming…. In fact I am having this thought for the past 5 yrs and regret that I couldn’t able to move ahead on this… I will meet you soon Ramesh…. congrats….

  5. Santhosh Kumar R says:

    First of all I congratulate and wish him good luck for his effort towards Good cause.

    Myself Santhosh
    I and Ramesh know each other officially for the past 4 years. photography made us attach personally as a good friends.

    As he mentioned in the post when he was under medication for his cardiac problem, he use to tell me that he Heal himself using Herbs.

    “Herbs!!! Natural Therapy !!!”

    I didn’t believe it initially but after few months when i met him with good old physic, I was Shell shocked seeing his recovery, that moment I started believing on herbs and natural medicine.

    Again after few months he walk me through the doors of Meditation “Art of Living”. He told me about the miracles of meditation i was surprised (sarcasm: because I didn’t believe at all) but when i started learning about it I was completely into different world.

    Many people have determination but few pursue it.
    Many people preaches but Ramesh experiment himself.

    All The Best

    I wish I join my hands with you in future, Thank you

  6. Vinoth says:

    Good work Stalin…working towards a sustainable green earth is what the world is looking up to….and you have started doing it already…thumbs up to you…hope will join you soon to make earth a more friendlier and a healthy place to live at least for the generations to come….

  7. Thank you Christelle 🙂 Love everyone join us growing plants and tree. Wish you write more blog on changing earth to Green. All the Best.

  8. Arumugam Madhumalar says:

    Wow!! Way to go Stalin! your experiments with life is always amazing!
    This story of yours is truly an inspiration for the generations to come!

  9. Nithya Kandhan says:

    Dear Ramesh, it’s heartwarming to read how u have transformed ur life over the years. I can see the positivity,passion & commitment in ur project. I feel proud that I know u personally & I eagerly look fwd to coming personally & experiencing ur hospitality. I guess ur inner peace has helped u channelize ur energy in to positive growth which will greatly benefit ur fellow beings too. God bless. Ur Dear friend & fellow Yogi Nithya. Om

  10. Vidyasankar says:

    A 360 degree panoramic turn in your life, now. Nature is the best teacher and healer. Commendations for your efforts and best wishes as always.

  11. I know Stalin for over a decade. The day when he used to work on DTP, Xerox at his home/ office in Arcot road. I was lucky to meet him as a fellow student while learning photography. As he has honestly agreed, Stalin used to have the most unhealthy lifestyle and I used to advise him. Today the way he lives life itself is a lesson to me. According to me he is one of the best fine art photographers in Chennai. The last I met him was an year ago at his Arcot Road home and he showed a number of herbs and plants planted over his rooftop. He did tell about the ailments he was facing and the natural cure he was working on. Glad to know today he is fit as a fiddle. From roof garden to 29,000 sqft farm in such a short span is a miracle. Its great to read about him. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Neethu says:

    Soo happy for you annna …lol

  13. Dhinesh says:

    Stalin.. I will visit one-day.. Buddy..

  14. Gasthurie Kanagachandran says:

    This is awesome, Stalin Ramesh. I really admire you. Today’s world is in need of more and more organic farming as human health has become a part of business nowadays. It’s amazing and hats off to you having taken then great initiative to become part of nature. Wish you all the very best!

  15. Praveen Kumar P S says:

    Way to go Stalin!

  16. Gunasekaran D says:

    Great work Ramesh and an inspiration too. Keep up the good work.

  17. PrabhaRaja says:

    Great effort…..wish you all best

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