Koh Phangan : where to pratice Yoga ?

In Koh Phangan, Thailand, there are loads of centres to practice Yoga. Most of them are located in or close to Srithanu, on the west coast of the island. Srithanu is definitely a « Farang » (foreigner) place. One may see many westerners chill at small healthy cafés, walk along the narrow beach road or buy food at the local grocerie stores. The atmosphere reminds me a bit of some « yoga spots » in India, with a more, let’s say… “fancy touch”.

While looking for a place to practice I was surprised by the wide range of offers : Detox retreats, TTCs, Detox Yoga, Sunset Flow, Complete Feminity Training, Art of dying, Goddess Yoga, Exctatic Dance … I felt a bit taken aback by this spiritual creativity to be honest !

I could not try every centre, obviously. Instead I had to trust my intuition. Here are the four centres I tried for you during my two-week stay. Most of these places offer teacher training programmes.

The Yoga Retreat Centre ***  => A Place To Discover !

What I enjoyed the most 

  • The quality of the hatha yoga class
  • The setting
  • The stunning jungle view from the Yoga hall
  • The super friendly staff
  • The chilled atmosphere : other students were friendly with big smiles on there face.
  • The simplicity of their offer : the Centre offers Ashtanga Mysore and led classes, Yin Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and Philosophy classes. One may also enroll for Yoga or detox retreats.

Their restaurant and café have healthy vegetarian food and drinks. Every Friday they host an Indian Buffet Party, which is a great opportunity for social gathering and discovering traditional indian dishes.

Drop In : 300 baht (around 7,5 euros)
Location: Along the Middle Road in Haad Salad
+6677374310 – Mobile : +66872739812

Samma Karuna *** => Small Beach Paradise !

What I enjoyed the most: 

  • The location : the open-air Yoga halls right behind the beach
  • The magnificent view
  • The setting : many trees, plants, flowers…
  • The quality of the teaching
  • For tight budgets, TTC students give free classes (and they are good !)

The front office managers are friendly and so are teachers… You feel welcome and cared for at this centre. After class, one can enjoy a drink or meal at the vegan café.

Drop in : 300 bahts
Location  : Srithanu (North end, along the beach road, you cannot miss it)

Orion Healing Centre ** (Sri Thanu) => Health and Yoga !

What I enjoyed the most :

  • The location (off the busy Beach Road)
  • The setting (beach view from the Yoga hall)
  • For tight budgets, some classes are held on donation basis.

At Orion, you may enjoy : detox yoga, dynamic or slow Hatha, Bhakti Vinyasa Flow, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Yin Yoga, Sunset Flow, Kirtan, … The healing and detox programmes include : massage, body treatment, Reiki, Theta Healing, Chi Nei Tsang, Fasting and Colon Cleansing, Juice Fasting, Healthy Living.

A found the amtosphere less relaxed than in the other yoga centres I visited, and the setting less charming. I was not thrilled by the Yoga class but it was a one time experience and many other classes are held at Orion.The online reviews on the quality of the classes are usually very positive so I might just have been bad luck !  Unfortunately I will not have time to come back to double check this first impression.

Drop in : 400 baht
Location : Srithanu (South end of Sri Thanu turn right at the Family Mart then first left)

Sunny Yoga **** => Nature and Authenticity !

What I enjoyed the most :

  • The size of the shala (intimate atmosphere)
  • The quality of the teaching
  • The location (in the forest)
  • The view from the Yoga halls
  • The warm welcome and the quietness of the place

Sunny Yoga is definitely the place where I enjoyed practing the most ! This small centre dedicated only to Yoga is on a hilltop in Srithanu. Sunny has recently relocated to this new place so the layout is still in progress. There are two open-air Yoga halls both of them offering a beautiful view on the forest. The place is very simple and is intended to blend in with the surrounding nature.

For the 8:00 am Hatha Yoga, I was expecting Sunny to teach but it turned out that I had misread the Schedule. I was a bit disappointed at first but Aom, a very cheerful and good-hearted teacher  gave us a wonderful class!

Drop in : 300 baht
Location : Srithanu (with the beach on your right side, turn left before Eat.co restaurant, go straight until you see the Sunny Yoga Board).

♥Have you practiced Yoga in Koh Phangan before ? ♥

♥ Please share your experience and tell us more about your favorite centre in the comment section ! ♥



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